Deliver like the Pros! Intelligent Automation Delivery made simple


The AEIO YOU® Portal
is your Automation expert-in-a-box. On-demand

A vendor-agnostic, technology-agnostic enablement platform for easily implementing cutting-edge technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Instantly gain access to this “Automation Expert-a-box” to accelerate your Digital Transformation today. Get top expertise in your team, without expensive consultancy fees


Team Confidence

Have a repeatable, tried and tested approach to consistently deliver automation solutions using Automation best practices


Annual cost savings

Empowers your in-house team with full RPA and intelligent automation lifecycle eLearning and toolkit. Tools, templates and repeatable delivery frameworks and more


Faster Delivery

Navigate common pitfalls, accelerate your RPA programme, get instant access to Automation Team essentials


Success Rate

Your Expert-in-a-box. A systematic tried and tested methodology, highly rated by industry business leaders, that produces the high ROI

Empower your Operations team

Expert discovery, Expert delivery, without external experts

  • Do you have operations teams that need automation?

  • Do you need expertise but can’t afford expensive consultancy fees?
  • Do you wish your in-house staff could start delivering automation themselves

  • Or perhaps you and senior stakeholders are concerned that delivery won’t be consistently high quality, or executed fast and professionally?

With our “Expert-in-a-Box” platform you can turn your in-house staff into instant Automation experts, with these easy-to-follow steps for rolling out automation faster, at scale and lower costs than alternative solutions

What your team should do now:

1. Setup the company profile

We use this to identify top automation opportunities for your business type

  • How matures is your automation team: experimentation stage? Pilot stage? Or are you well on your way?

  • What’s your industry and market

  • We can use all this to help you find great automation opportunities and end-to-end solutions

2. Populate simple team and process info capture forms

We automatically build the best Automation plan for you

  • Set up your departments and the teams (or we can auto-generate suggestions for you)
  • Gather basic high-level data on departments and teams
  • Gather quick-questionnaires on team’s processes and activities

3. See where you can save the most, quickly

We show you your potential savings for each business area/department/team

  • Get a full landscape view of all automation opportunities across your business
  • See estimates of how much each team could save from automation
  • See which teams would be easiest and quickest to start with

4. Follow the Auto-Generated Plan

We prioritise your quick wins and high value projects to maximise your ROI

  • Your auto-generated automation plan is prioritise using build-in automation best practices so your team works on your Quick Wins first
  • Highest value, fast-to-implement use cases are at the top 
  • Your Plan is grouped into waves to maximise delivery speed
(We use the tried & tested AEIO YOU® methodology, top-rated by industry business leaders)

5. Complete simple Process data capture forms

We keep all gathered data for each process together in one place

  • Simple data capture can tell us everything we need to assess suitability
  • We can estimate process Complexity and if it’s a quick win
  • We can estimate potential Benefits and Savings

6. Get Easy-to-Complete Business Cases signed off

We run cost-benefits analysis for each of your projects

  • Simple data capture form to calculate cost savings
  • Capture details to estimate cost-of-ownership
  • Automatically estimate time savings and ROI for each project

7. Fill-in Easy-to-follow Automation design templates

Design Automation solutions like a pro!

  • All the project documentation you will need for professional automation projects
  • Document exaplainations and links to templates, examples and How-To videos
  • Stakeholder maps on what person to get different information from to complete each stage

8. Follow simple Development best practices

Build Automation like a Pro!

  • No matter what vendor or technology you chose, automation development has become easier than ever
  • With your chosen automation vendor, our development best practices can ensure your “Bots” are build for sustainability and scale

9. Run Easy-to-follow User Acceptance testing

Deliver robust Automation solutions like a pro!

  • Use our user acceptance criteria table to collect User stories,
  • Test automation against each test case so the development can be signed off and launched

10. Repeat: Find > Design > Test > Launch

ACCELERATE your automation programme like a pro!

Keep following our repeatable framework to keep churning out automation solutions


With most vendors providing their software on the cloud, the launching and running of bots is pretty straightforward


Follow our How-To videos, help guides and lifecycle toolkit to ensure automations are managed successfully


Develop an expert Centre of Excellence

This vendor-agnostic platform is more than an application – it helps companies instantly build professional teams. The AEIO YOU® Portal helps businesses set up and mature CoE teams to operationalise Intelligent Automation (RPA and AI) and other cutting-edge technologies

Why will this make a difference to my team?

Centre of Excellence toolkit

Deliver Intelligent Automation with speed and consistency:

Download PDD/SDD templates, Checkpoint criteria checklists, complexity calculators, best practice guides

Portfolio & Process Analysis tool

Deliver Intelligent Automation with high ROI and scale:

Access the portfolio and process analyser to build a data-backed strategic plan, to roll out intelligent automation company wide

Training Portal

Repeatable framework for consistently high quality automation

Develop an expert Centre of Excellence (CoE) team who understand the entire automation life cycle and an array of popular AI solutions

Proven and tested approach

Apply our internationally used
AEIO YOU® framework

Develop a tech savvy workforce to create a corporate 'scout culture' and reduce resistance to change

Who this is for

Automation Sponsors: Business Leaders and CxOs

Understand Technology Benefits, Challenges and understand your Potential Enterprise Savings and see what your Opportunity Landscape looks like that will help you digitally transform your business

Head of RPA/Intelligent Automation and IA/RPA Delivery Managers

Understand how to gain more visibility to better shape your portfolio for the highest ROI.

Learn how to design the operating model with; delivery and support models, gated processes, checkpoint criteria, job profiles, templates, complexity calculators, and analysis tools for your team

Programme Managers and Project Managers

Better plan the execution of project, by understanding the lifecycle and roles of each point so that you can manage and control the end to end implementation process


Use process data and benefits analysis to execute projects that will deliver the highest ROI fast

Consultants and Analysts

Learn tips and use tools to analyse data faster and avoid pitfalls, by gaining awareness of common mistakes and challenges, and understanding the life-cycle and roles

Developers, Solutions Architects and Service Delivery Managers

Understand the business side of the Intelligent Automation lifecycle so that you can refine your development and management processes to improve efficiency and enhance value through continuous improvement

Key stakeholders: HR, IT, Automation Champions

Learn how this new technology will change and improve ways of working for your and your stakeholders, and how implementing intelligent ‘digital workers’ is very different to typical software projects or upgrades

Good teams automate,
Great teams deliver tangible value​

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Clients using our methodology

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Feedback rating on the AEIO YOU method

Unpack the AEIO YOU framework and lifecycle to empower your centre of excellence (CoE) teams with RPA strategy, analysis, delivery, lean thinking, Change management and implementation eLearning, tools, techniques and best practices to apply it.

“[The AEIO YOU] approach to implementing RPA is thorough, well-researched and well executed. Highly recommended to anyone involved in the automation market.”
Guy Kirkwood
Chief evangelist - UiPath
(the world’s leading Process Automation company)
“What was missing for us was having someone who had a good technical understanding of RPA who could help us identify specific processes which would benefit by using RPA but could also challenge the developers of the RPA. [The AEIO YOU methodology] gave us that missing piece to our RPA jigsaw. " "... enthusiasm for using automation and technology in the business world is a breath of fresh air. “
Steve Waldron
Head of UK Operations - International Asset Management firm
Using the AEIO YOU methodology, our team was able to quickly and methodically identify our Quick Wins across the Operations teams in a matter of weeks, something the team had been trying to do for months.

We'd been struggling to find processes suitable for RPA, and were stuck developing a highly complex process for months, but now we have a controlled and logical approach which has considerably reduced deliver time to a fraction of what it was before! I log into the portal every day, it really works
Automation team lead
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