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Our AEIO YOU Story

Four exciting years of research into why 50% of RPA and AI projects across the industry are failing globally and less than 5% of CoE teams have successfully scaled (metrics which have remained many unchanged over the last few years).

Our many years of research has uncovered that the plethora of common mistakes, issues and challenges most Automation teams face, there are just 3 core reasons or root causes for these struggles and frustrations.

The AEIO YOU methodology covered in our book helps you to discover the 3 keys to success to overcome and avoid these 3 causes, so that you can transform your "Business @ the Speed of Bots".

The AEIO YOU portal breathes life into this methodology, equipped with the tools for you to make Digital Transformation a reality (metric

“[The AEIO YOU] approach to implementing RPA is thorough, well-researched and well executed. Highly recommended to anyone involved in the automation market.” – Guy Kirkwood, CHIEF EVANGELIST OF UIPATH

This methodology is uniquely a combination of Lean thinking, Change Management and Intelligent Automation implementation for faster, agile delivery that maximises ROI

This has been developed by our trainer team qualified in Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt level), Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, PRINCE2 Agile, P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Projects Offices), ITIL and an array of RPA and AI capabilities.

We’ve also had additional support from our wider network for experts in AI, Internet of Things, Emotional Intelligence, Cloud Computing, software development, service delivery and Artificial intelligence – and our ecosystem of software partners

AEIO YOU® case studies

Good teams automate,
Great teams deliver tangible value​

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Feedback on our AEIO YOU content and methodology

What clients say about our content

"Very well structured and informative. I would recommend it to all the people working as business consultants in RPA"
"...It brought together a lot of concepts in a way that was easy to understand but also contained details that would help the uninitiated to grasp the importance of each step in the process..."
This course explained implementing RPA practically...!
Shudhadeep Basak
Valuable information. Helpful practice activities. Clear explanations. Accurate curse descriptions.
Ritu Rishi
Valuable information. Clear explanations. Engaging delivery. Helpful practice activities. Accurate course description. Knowledgeable instructor.
"...Documents are excellent."
"This is must learn part of RPA analysis. Highly recommended to get a pro knowledge. This course helped me a lot to learn RPA Analysis and Strategy."
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