"Empowered teams transform businesses"

Automation Analyst

Learn tips and use tools to analyse data faster and avoid pitfalls, by gaining awareness of common mistakes and challenges, and understanding the life-cycle and roles


Translate business problems into technical solutions

You vital role is to liaise between the business and technical teams to deliver solutions that are fit-for-purpose

Gain exceptional delivery knowledge

Learn automation best practices

Learn how to deliver projects faster

Gain key strengths for your Automation Analyst role:

Develop other key skills for data gathering

To make accurate recommendations Analysts need data

Take your knowledge further to stand out as an Automation Expert:

  • How to use templates and tools for delivering automation solutions 

  • Automation development best practices so your Process Definition Document has everything a developer will need

  • The full intelligent automation lifecycle so that you can help design robust automation

  • FREE access to the AutoLyzt app, to quickly and simply Find, Analyse and Prioritise opportunities

Gain full access to the training portal

eLearning portal: Intelligent Automation (RPA and AI) full life-cycle

  • Learn the 7 stages of successful intelligent automation implementation (Aware-Align, Educate-Empower, Inspect-Ideate, Optimise, Yield, Organise-Oversee, Uncover-Upskill-Upgrade)
  •  Quizzes and case study assessments for your team
  • eLearning for Automation team members or business users

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Learn how to use tools and templates for Automation delivery

  • Dozens of tools and templates for the entire Automation lifecycle
  • Lean thinking and process re-engineering tools
  • Governance Workflow diagrams for both Delivery and Support
  • Slide for running automation teams workshops
  • Slide for educating staff teams with Automation and Lean thinking 101, and Build-a-bot workshops

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  • Upload process data and team data
  • See your company’s total PES (Potential Enterprise savings) that can be saved by automating all suitable processes
  • Analyse, identify and prioritise your best opportunities
  • Visualise where in your business, department and team they are
  • Generate a plan, organising prioritised automation projects into groups/waves
  • Run cost-benefit analysis on each project

THREE things you need to make sure your projects success

Automation Project Delivery Training

A repeatable tried and tested approach

Training on an automation project toolkit

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