"Empowered teams transform businesses"

Automation Developer / Solution Architect

Understand the business side of the Intelligent Automation lifecycle so that you can refine your development and management processes to improve efficiency and enhance value through continuous improvement.


Design and develop robust automation solutions

Work closely with the analyst team to clearly unambiguously capture the business’s requirements so that automation are fit-for-purpose

Gain knowledge of the entire lifecycle

Learn intelligent automation best practices

Learn how your team can deliver more robust automation

Take your team's knowledge to the next level:

  • How to use templates and tools for delivering automation solutions 

  • Automation development best practices so your Process Definition Document has everything a developer will need

  • The full intelligent automation lifecycle so that you can help design robust automation

  • FREE access to the AutoLyzt app, to quickly and simply Find, Analyse and Prioritise opportunities

Gain full access to the training portal

eLearning portal: Intelligent Automation (RPA and AI) full life-cycle

  • Learn the 7 stages of successful intelligent automation implementation (Aware-Align, Educate-Empower, Inspect-Ideate, Optimise, Yield, Organise-Oversee, Uncover-Upskill-Upgrade)
  •  Quizzes and case study assessments for your team
  • eLearning for Automation team members or business users

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Learn how to use tools and templates for Automation delivery

  • Dozens of tools and templates for the entire Automation lifecycle
  • Lean thinking and process re-engineering tools
  • Governance Workflow diagrams for both Delivery and Support
  • Slide for running automation teams workshops
  • Slide for educating staff teams with Automation and Lean thinking 101, and Build-a-bot workshops

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  • Upload process data and team data
  • See your company’s total PES (Potential Enterprise savings) that can be saved by automating all suitable processes
  • Analyse, identify and prioritise your best opportunities
  • Visualise where in your business, department and team they are
  • Generate a plan, organising prioritised automation projects into groups/waves
  • Run cost-benefit analysis on each project

THREE things you need to make sure your projects success

Automation Project Delivery Training

A repeatable tried and tested approach

Training on an automation project toolkit

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