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Some of the expertise in our Digital Transformation Network​


A seasoned expert in IoT, working with new technology adoption across insurance, utilities and construction sectors

Mike F.

Emotional Intelligence coach trained in psychosynthesis. 20+ years of experience in 'emotional fluidity'


Experience in marketing, business, and EdTech, with over 20 years marketing technology solutions to automotive and manufacturing and Fortune 500 companies

Mike B.

Seasoned IA Expert and data scientist, who has appeared several times in Forbes, and author of Cracking the Data code.


Lean six sigma and RPA expert working at tier 1 consultancy firms, and author of Business @ the Speed of Bots


Highly experienced and sought after Solutions Architect and technical leader in RPA and intelligent automation


Cloud computing expert, working for tier consulting firms and highly knowledgeable on the latest advancements in Azure and AWS


Over 10 years in Lean Six Sigma, a Master Lean Six Sigma black belt, servicing large global clients

Some publications our DTN have appeared in

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